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Drawbridge was established on the 5th September, 2014. My previous crew site had been Body Butter (est. 30th July, 2009), but after a website crash and losing access to my server, I thought a fresh start was in order.

The site is currently in its second layout (a variation on a theme of the first layout; a change in order to make the site easier to view) and features artwork of an original character of mine, Nareen.

My crew is a bit haphazard; I tend to go for pretty or unusual Petz and like adding traits/breedz I don't have already. While I don't actively inbreed my Petz, most of my adopted Petz' ancestors are inbred, so expect them to be, unless otherwise stated.

Since re-joining the community back in early 2014, I've been focussed on several goals when it comes to my crew:
- Increasing the diversity of my crew, especially in areas I have few representatives of, i.e. halfies, chinchis, brown eyes, etc,
- Breeding/collecting P4 crew members that are dopplegangers of my P5 crew, seeing as I rarely use Petz 5 these days,
- Naturally raising a select group of my Petz (such fun, much rewarding!),
- Keeping some Petz I've bred; my crew has traditionally been composed of Petz adopted from others, which I'm changing slowly,
- Creating my own purebred and non inbred lines; something I'm continuing to work on.

If you'd like to know more about me, head over to Moonflower.