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  Welcome to Bask                

THIS WEBSITE HAS MOVED, Please visit the new URL here.

Welcome to Drawbridge, the crew site for Moonflower Petz. This is the home of my personal Petz 4 crew! Be warned; this site will probably make you realise I'm a touch insane :D

If you see these stamps around, this is what they mean:
= non inbred, = purebred, = naturally raised, = bred by me :)

Last update: 15th July, 2015.
We currently have 258 Catz, 256 Dogz and 25 hexies on display.

New website, please visit the new url <3

Current breeding projects:
Meezers and tabbies.
Hunting for:
Pretty bullies and meezers!

Things you might wanna know:
♥ Yes, I will genderchange my Petz in order to breed them ♥
♥ Yes, I love the stuffing out of each and every one of these guys! ♥
♥ No, all the Petz I have aren't up here. I know I've missed some poor critters (especially the recent ones), so if you don't see a Pet I've adopted from you, I still have it and love it, it's just not here up here yet ♥
♥ I'm currently adding desciptions and making my origin information more uniform. Please feel free to contact me if you would like the breeder information for a pet bred by you displayed differently to what it currently is ♥

All site content is copyright © Alena @ Moonflower.

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