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Spied two kitties or pups that made you wipe the drool off your chin? Request a litter from them! :D


- One litter at a time. When you receive your Petz, you may request again :) -
- I will breed a litter, email a you picture of the litter and you can pick up to five petz to keep -
- You'll have a fortnight to choose which petz you want. If I don't hear from you in 14 days, I'll pop them up for adoption at Moonflower (the number of people who request then disappear forever is actually quite high) -
- Keep to general petiquette... i.e. don't put them up for download or sell them, etc -
- Put 'likes macaws' after your name to show me you've gone to the trouble of reading this :) -
- Mention if you're after specific traits/what you liked about the parents and I'll see what I can do for you! -

Or if that form fails for some reason...

- Your name:
- Your URL (if applicable):
- Couple to breed:
- Comments (i.e. any traits you want):

Send to [email protected], and title the email 'Litter Request".